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AAUSC holds its annual meeting at the annual conference of ACTFL, the weekend before Thanksgiving. Each year we host our business meeting/panel discussion/wine reception, and a number of AAUSC members present sessions of interest to LPDs (see AAUSC SPOTLIGHT sessions in the Events calendar below).

The ACTFL conference is the best opportunity to meet fellow AAUSC members and discuss the most timely issues in language teaching, language program direction, and graduate student training/professionalization.

This year's ACTFL will take place in Nashville TN, November 17-19, 2017. Check back here for more information as the date approaches.


Having gained affiliated status with the MLA, the AAUSC also holds one session each year at the MLA convention, which takes place every year in January, immediately following New Year's day. This year's MLA convention will be held in New York City, January 4-7, 2017. Hope to see you there!

Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 06 AAUSC @ MLA 2017
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Integrating Heritage Speakers in Recent Immigration Areas: Where to Start?
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Social Justice in the Language Classroom: A Call to Action
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Literacy-oriented Instruction in the Foreign Language Curriculum
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Social Justice in the Language Classroom: A Call to Action
Nov 17 AAUSC Arabic and Asian sectors
Nov 17 AAUSC Executive Committee meeting
Nov 17 AAUSC German sector meeting
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: ACTFL/CAEP Program Review and Update
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: International Students' L3 Development in the L2 Classroom
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Teaching the Syrian Solidarity Crisis
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Building Cultural Competency in Short Term Study Abroad Programs
Nov 17 AAUSC Italian sector meeting
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: An Innovative Way to Practice the Three Modes of Communication: Voicethread
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Promoting Translingual/Transcultural Competence Through Interdisciplinarity
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT:Starting College, Quitting Chinese: Language Learning in the Freshman Year
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Integrating Social Justice and Teaching Syria
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Methods Online: Purpose, Audience, Content, Performance
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: From Anxiety-Producing to Confidence-Building: Re-experiencing Assessment
Nov 17 AAUSC Spanish and Portuguese sectors
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Authentic Film With Beginning Learners: Theory Meets Practice
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Grammar as Vocabulary: Language Gains through Input-Based Acquisition
Nov 17 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Global Issues, Debates and Learning Community
Nov 17 AAUSC French sector
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Improving University Students’ Experience Through Program-wide Assessment
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Increasing Language Proficiency Through Project-based Language Learning
Nov 18 AAUSC Editorial Board meeting
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: No Longer on the Sidelines: Planning for Integrated Listening Instruction
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Recruitment in Language Programs: Bolstering Enrollment
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Inventions, Innovations, Connections: STEM and German Literature
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Genre-based Writing in the Communicative Curriculum
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Teaching Perspectives: Intercultural Development at all Levels
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Teaching Multimodal Narratives for Foreign Language Learning
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Learn Chinese in China: Perceptions, Conflicts, and Experience
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Promoting Oral Proficiency through Social Justice themes in Grades 6-16
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Rethinking Writing Instruction in the Lower-Level French Classroom
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Socio-Literacy and Engagement in the Italian Classroom
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Peace and conflict in the German classroom: An intercultural imperative
Nov 18 AAUSC Annual Business Meeting and Reception
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Breaking New Ground in Community Engaged Language Learning
Nov 18 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Service learning research: Achievements, opportunities and challenges
Nov 19 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Revisiting the MLA Report: A Survey on Language Study in Higher Education
Nov 19 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: How Foreign are the AP exams? The Case of Heritage Learners
Nov 19 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Connections: Case Studies on Linking Literature and Language Teaching
Nov 19 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Teaching Varieties: Authentic Language in the German Classroom
Nov 19 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Experiencing Best Practices in the Technology-infused German Classroom
Nov 19 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Making Multiliteracies Real: A Tool for Analyzing Instructional Materials
Nov 19 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Leadership tips for bilingual workplaces: Lessons from Latino/a leaders
Nov 19 AAUSC SPOTLIGHT: Teaching French for Change: Social Entrepreneurship in the FSP Classroom
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