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AAUSC @ MLA 2019: Call for proposals

06 Feb 2018 3:52 PM | Anonymous

MLA 2019: Call for Proposals Session sponsored by the American Association of University Supervisors and Coordinators (AAUSC)

Pathways to Paradigm Change: Critical Examinations of Prevailing Discourses and Ideologies in Second Language Education

This panel explores L2 education discourses that support or hinder pedagogies promoting language learning as situated communication practices. We understand situated practices as learning how to become an effective member of a community by gaining familiarity and some degree of control over its relevant social processes and practices--including oral and written textual production and interpretation--with recognition of the social, cultural, and historical embeddedness of texts. Calls for teaching language and culture as integrated and situated practices have recurred for over two decades, however, while curricular responses to such appeals for change have been successful in specific, localized instructional contexts, large-scale paradigm change has not yet occurred, and traditional ideologies and practices continue to pervade the field of L2 education. Furthermore, methods course materials and practices continue to foreground historical perspectives and eclecticism, rather than guide future teachers in systematic, in-depth exploration of a single, principled approach that aligns with notions of language learning and use as situated communication practices. Proposals are invited that examine the current discursive landscape around L2 teaching and learning. Of particular interest are papers that propose ways of moving the dominant discursive needle forward toward effective paradigm change in L2 education.

Please send abstracts (maximum 200 words) to Beatrice Dupuy ( and Kristen Michelson ( by March 15, 2018.

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